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Our 3 day Lake Mburo wildlife, boat, and walking safari are best suited for those staying in Mbarara or Kampala and have some nights to spend in one of the smallest but closest national Park in Uganda. 3 Days Lake Mburo National Park safari tour will take you to  Lake Mburo restored former glory, some animals such as lions and giraffes have been restored. Kindly Enquire from here...

3 Day Uganda Tour – Lake Mburo National park,3 Day Uganda Tour, 3 Days 2 Nights Lake Mburo National park Tour, 3 Day Lake Mburo wildlife, boat, and walking safari,3 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari to Lake Mburo National Park, Three Days Two Nights Lake Mburo Safari,3 Days Lake Mburo National Park safari tour, Three Days Two Nights Lake Mburo National Park Wildlife Safari Tour. 
Itinerary in Summary
Day 1: Start your 3 days Lake Mburo wildlife, boat, and walking safari
Day 2: Morning game drive and afternoon boat cruise on the Lake
Day 3: Morning safari walk and transfer to Kampala/Mbarara

3 Day Uganda Tour, 3 Days 2 Nights Lake Mburo National park Tour, 3 Day Lake Mburo wildlife, boat, and walking safari,3 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari to Lake Mburo National Park, Three Days Two Nights Lake Mburo Safari,3 Days Lake Mburo National Park safari tour, Three Days Two Nights Lake Mburo National Park Wildlife Safari Tour.
Detailed Itinerary
Day1. Drive to Lake Mburo national park.

You will be picked by the guide who will meet and brief you about this 3 day Lake Mburo wildlife, boat, and walking safari.

You will be driven to Lake Mburo National Park passing small towns along Kampala-Mbarara road arriving in time for lunch, short relaxation, and a brief evening game drive.

These three days two nights  Lake Mburo National Park safari tour provides an opportunity to stop at the Equator crossing for photography and some experiments to prove that indeed this is the center of planet earth. Our 3-day Lake Mburo wildlife, boat, and walking safari also stop at Mpambire royal drum makers for you to see how local drums are made out of trees and animal hides and skins.

Check-in at your lodge, have lunch, and prepare for a brief late afternoon game drive.

Day2. Morning drive and afternoon boat ride.

After breakfast, your driver-guide will drive you to the park for a game drive or a safari walk depending on your interests.

Lake Mburo National Park has a bad history of Wildlife and humans to the extent that major animals like lions were hunted/killed to extinction but due to improved relationships between the government and the local communities, animals and communities co-exist together.

Because of this many animals have been re-introduced including lions (rarely seen though) and giraffes.

A game drive in Lake Mburo National Park will guarantee you herds of buffaloes, zebras, impalas, birds and so much more without driving so much.

Retire to the lodge for lunch, relaxation, and then an evening boat cruise on the Lake.

After lunch and short relaxation, you will be driven to the lake to meet your captain of the day who will take you for a two-hour boat excursion.

Lake Mburo boat cruise is an opportunity to see hippos, crocodiles, water birds such as the African fish eagle and the rare African finfoot.

Many animals such as buffaloes and antelopes gather here to drink some water so an opportunity to enjoy wildlife most especially marine animals.

After your boat cruise, you will retire to your lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Last game drive and transfer back to Kampala or Entebbe.

After breakfast, you will be met by an Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger guide who will take you through briefing and then for a safari walk on foot.

This activity is suitable for those who would like to stretch their legs and view wildlife on foot. 

At the moment, it’s only in Lake Mburo where you can do a safari on foot.

You will get an opportunity to see what you could have seen on any game drive except that this time around you will do it on foot.

Check out of the lodge and drive back to Kampala with lunch served en route.

Discover Lake Mburo National Park, Lake Mburo National Park Uganda/ Lake Mburo safari, Uganda safaris/ Uganda Tours/Visit Uganda
Lake Mburo National Park is Uganda’s smallest national park and the closest park to both Kampala and Entebbe. If you are planning for wildlife safaris in Uganda, birding safaris, or want to enjoy game viewing then Lake Mburo National Park should be a possible destination for you. Most of our Uganda safaris/tour packages / Uganda tours prepared by our professional tour operators have this national park as part of the itinerary especially for guests who would really love to carry out birding safaris in Uganda. Lake Mburo National Park is located approximately 240 kilometers from Kampala and only 30 Kilometers from Mbarara – the biggest town in Western Uganda.
From Entebbe airport to lake Mburo national park, it's approximately 290km. The Lake national park is neighboured by 4 big districts of Uganda which include Mbarara town, Lyantonde, Isingiro North, and Kiruhura. Lake Mburo national park also happens to be the nearest national park in Uganda that is close to the President's Home town in Kiruhura district. From lake Mburo, one can drive for about 2 hours a distance of about 99km to reach the president's home in the nyabushozi-kiruhura district.
The Lake Mburo National Park is easily accessible by road in about a 3hours' or 3 hours and a half drive for those who want to do lake Mburo safaris/ Uganda safaris/ Uganda tours from Kampala or Entebbe respectively. The coordinates are: 00 36S, 30 57E (Latitude: 0.6000; Longitude: 30.9500).It covers an area of 260 square kilometers but still the smallest of Uganda‘s Savannah national parks and underlined by ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks which date back.
What is currently Lake Mburo National Park was first gazetted in 1933 as a controlled hunting area and later upgraded to a game reserve in 1963. The area was dominantly occupied by the Banyankore pastoralists (commonly known as Bahima) who continued to herd their cattle and other livestock in the reserve until it was granted a National park status in 1983 by the Obote regime. The decision to upgrade the Lake Mburo reserve to a National park status was in one part targeted to punish the Banyankore who were believed to be supporting the anti-Obote rebels. The evicted pastoralists were not given any compensation for the lost grazing land and neither were they helped with the resettlement and many of them thus protested the park’s formation. This was during the time of Operation Bonanza massacre of 300,000 and as a result, the rangeland outside the Lake Mburo National Park was divided into small pieces and subsistence plots.

Origins of Lake Mburo National Park
The origin of this Lake Mburo National Park started with a story of two brothers one known as Mburo and the other as kigarama who lived in the low-lying Savannah plains hence making the area traditionally known as Kaaro karungi. One night kigarama dreamt that they were to receive a substantial amount of rain which would cause flooding and their property destroyed. Kigarama told the dream to his brother but Mburo took it for granted. Because in the African society dreams were respected kigarama decided to leave the area and went in the overlooking hills leaving his brother behind. Finally, the dream came true and the area was attacked by the rain and which caused flooding and the drowning of Mburo with his property and thus the name Mburo and the hills were named after his brother. All this story can be narrated to you during the lake Mburo safaris/ visit to lake Mburo national park or Uganda safaris to lake Mburo park.

The ecosystem of Lake Mburo National Park
Lake Mburo national park
being a special place, it has got a vast ecosystem and nature prevails, in its western region. There are Rocky Ridges and forested gorges, Narrow bands of lush, riparian woodland, and much more. Like many lakes, this has been an addition to the formation of beautiful sceneries hence attracting many tourists to come and see the hidden treasures of the park. Since lake Mburo national park is a special place, it harbors 68 mammal species though it does not have elephants and lions. The fact that there are no lions, gives a chance to the tourist to freely move close to the animals and have a close impact on them. The park has got a wide range of birds flopping in the sky and is so being visible to visitors. Some of the birds that are seen in this park include rare rare shoebills, stork, African finfoot, pelican, heron among others.

Lake Mburo national park is blessed with forests that act as a habitat to animals in the park but also help in the influence and formation of rainfall that provides water. This helps to complete tasks that need water at the park-like, it acts like drinking water for the animals hence improving their well-being and outlook. The park is rich with acacia trees, valleys, grasslands with different types of grass that fed on by the wild animals. It also has both seasonal and permanent swamps where papyrus grows which is used to make a variety of things that can be sold and improve on the government’s economy.

Lake Mburo national park Lodges and Safari Accommodation Facilities
Lake Mburo has got one of the best and affordable accommodations among all national parks in Uganda. The Lake Mburo national park lodges like any other are categorized in form of Lake Mburo national park Luxury, Mid-Range, and Budget lodges. Among the budget lodges in Lake Mburo national park are Rwonyo Rest Camp and Eagles Nest Lodge. The mid-range lodges include Rwakobo Rock Lodge, Mantana Tented Camp, and Arcadia Cottages. For those who would love to be unique, lake Mburo national park offers luxury lodges which include Mihingo Lodge and Lake Mburo Safari Lodge. All the lodges offer the best services one can offer and visiting Lake Mburo National park will not be a problem as all these lodges are close to the park.

Lake Mburo national park Activities and Attractions
Activities are done when a traveler engages in a safari to Lake Mburo national park, include; the boat cruise which gives the travelers a chance to spot different bird species and wildlife like crocodiles, hippos among others. Game drives/game viewing is another important activity that you will not miss on your trip. These game drives are categorized into day and night game drives. Night game drives are conducted for those that might have missed out on the day drives. Another activity that might interest you is Sport Fishing and Fishing. Travelers who are fishers enjoy this activity and also they are joined by the locals to see how they do it locally. They get a chance to learn from the natives. The travelers can also engage in Cultural tours where they get to learn and engage with the locals. Lake Mburo's natives are the bahima and they display to the tourists how they rare their famous Ankole cattle, how they process milk and yogurt, how they live, and also tell stories about the national park. Travelers also visit Igongo Cultural Centre where they get a chance to learn more about the western Uganda culture. Other activities that will interest the tourists are Hiking and Nature walks, Bird Watching, horse riding among others.

Lake Mburo national park Wildlife
Lake Mburo National Park is well known for the impala though it has a vast population of wildlife ranging from zebra, eland, buffalo, oribi,deffasa water back, leopard, hyena, hippo, reed back. The Lake Mburo national park Offers a lot of animals for the traveler to enjoy his/her safari. The Lake Mburo national park also has different bird species including the famous shoebill, stork, African finfoot, pelican, heron, Crested Crane among others. A traveler can not miss seeing any of these bird species and animals because the park is suitable located and well angulated.

Lake Mburo national park Cultural Tours/Safaris
Aside from the wildlife and the key attractions of lake Mburo national park, the region in which the national park is located has a lot to offer in terms of cultural tours. Lake Mburo national park is located in the Ankole Sub-region which is known to be for the cattle keepers and cultivators. Travelers who need to learn about the culture will be introduced to Tongo cultural center. Igongo Cultural Centre: The famous igongo cultural center is located 4 km away from the Sanga Gates of Lake Mburo National Park. The center is a historical site that is inhabited by the Banyakitara who include the bakiga, banyankole, batooro, and the banyoro. The Centre is a cultural museum that is locally known as Erijukiro. At igongo cultural center, you will learn a lot about the Ankole Culture, dressing, food, ankole cows, and much more. Travelers can not miss this cultural tour.

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park
Getting to Lake Mburo National Park is very easy since it's one of the nearest national parks to the Capital city Kampala. The most common way of accessing the park is by use of road transport. One can drive from Entebbe to Lake Mburo in a period of about 4hours and 20minutes a distance of 290km. Another can drive from Kampala to Lake Mburo in about 4hours a distance of 245km.

Another person can opt to fly from Entebbe - Kajjansi to the Mbarara airstrip which will take you less than an hour. This is the easiest means of transport and the quickest.
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