The 9 Day Hiking Mountain Rwenzori  Tour will introduce you to the magical Rwenzori's peak.
RWENZORI MOUNTAINS National Park - The mystical challenge
Africa’s highest mountain range, the 5,100 meter Ruwenzori- or mountain of the moon – is the snowy source of the Nile Referred to by early geographers, 17 centuries before European explorers marked it on their maps. The high Ruwenzori is a montane wonderland; the trails to the snow peaks following glacier-carved valleys lied with fantastically coloured mosses and rare Afro-alpine plants that include giant forms of lobelias, heathers and groundsels.


Expeditions use a chain of basic huts and campsites to ascend the mountain from kilembe and Nyakalengija.
Itinerary In Summary
Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Kasese 
Day 2: Travel to Nyakalengijo. 
Day 3: Start your trekking to John Matte (3550M). 
Day 4: proceed with hiking, 
Day 5: Hiking 
Day 6: Climb Mt. Baker 
Day 7: Proceeding with Hiking, 
Day 8: Coming back from hiking 
Day 9: Drive back to Kampala.
Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Kasese
Day 2: Travel to Nyakalengijo.
A starting point of hiking the Mountain with a view of the portal peaks which raise above 4000M above sea level. Overnight at Nyabitaba huts.From Rwenzori Mountains National Park Mihunga gate to Nyabitaba Camp is 6.4km.
Day 3:  Start your trekking to John Matte (3550M).
The trail is a mixture of descend and ascend through the Nyamuleju boggy areas, hiking to John matte may take  7 km for a 5-7 hours hike depending on your mountaineering fitness.  After a cup of coffee get ready to set off to Bujuku through the beautiful valley filled with giant lobelias, giant heather trees-have a rest at Bujuku Mountain hut. As from John Matte Camp to Bujuku camp is about 6km hike.
Day 4: proceed with hiking
It is from here that if you are not a climber you opt to climbing through to Scott-Eliot pass to Kitandara lakes overlooking Mt. Baker and Stanley, it is about 4 km hike while Bujuku to Elena Camp is 2.5km hike. Mountaineers hike to Elena hut 4.899M and prepare themselves for Climbing to Margarita peaks the following day.
Day 5: Hiking
Start as early as 5.00am to be able to reach the summit Margherita early enough. The weather here is always clear in the early mornings and late evenings for most of the time Rwenzori will be shy to open up for the visitors. Peak is 5109m from Elena camp to the summit is about 1 km hike to have a clear view of Mt. Speke, Mt. Baker, Mt. Albert.
Day 6:  Climb Mt. Baker.
Continue climbing Mt.Baker as from Kitandara which is 2km hike and there after descend to Guy Yeoman Camp. Otherwise from Kitandara to Guy Yeoman Camp is 5.4 km. The vegetation here is beautiful of heather trees mixed with moss and Helichrysum.
Day 7: Proceeding with Hiking,
Proceed to Nyabitaba as from Guy Yeoman Camp 5.3 km walking through boggy areas of Kamatu and Kichuchu and a zone of bamboo forest near Lake Mahoma for an overnight rest at Nyabitaba camp.
Day 8: Coming back from hiking
After breakfast, descend and onward to the base where you and your porters welcome each other back to crown the end of the expedition. Lodging in Kasese town.
Day 9: Drive back to Kampala

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