Kibaale National Park - 
The primate capital of the world
This mainly forested park 795sqkm in the area is best known for its primate species kibale chimpanzee in Uganda and Africa as whole! But man’s closet relative is not all that  the park has to offer- youcan also see the uncommon  L’Hoest’s  monkey and  east Africa ‘s largest population of the threatned red colobus monkey other primate include the black and white colobus monkey , blue monkey ,grey cheeked magabey (Uganda magabey) red tiailed monkey , bushbaby and potto. The nearbycommunity –run bogodi wetland sanctuary offers birders an impressive bird list of 335 species. The Uganda Mangabey (Lophocebus ugandae) is a species of Old World monkey found only in Uganda. This crested mangabey was previously thought to be just a population of the grey-cheeked mangabey (L.albigena). Colin Groves upgraded the Ugandan population into the new species L.ugandanae on February 16, 2007.This species is dramatically smaller than the grey-cheeked mangabey, with a shorter skull and smaller face.
Itinerary In Summary 
Day 1: Travel to Kibale and evening Swamp Walk
Day 2: Chimpanzee tracking and travel back to Kampala/Entebbe

Detailed itinerary
Day 1: Kampala to Kibale Forest National Park
Upon your arrival, a driver guide from Ultimate Wild Safaris will pick you from the airport or any place of your choice to start your trip to Kibale Forest. You will start your drive to western Uganda through the beautiful green scenery through tea plantations. After lunch you will visit Bigodi swamp walk to spot some monkeys and bird species and that takes you through grassland, small communities where the locals are very enthusiastic to shake hands with white people through coffee plantations and peoples gardens to see how they do daily work.
Accommodation Category:
(Papaya Lake Lodge - Luxury option)
(Chimpanzee Guest Cottages - Midrange option)
(Chimpanzee Guest House - Budget option)
Travel Time: 6-7hours
Day2: Chimpanzee Tracking
Today you will have your breakfast at the lodge and prepare for your trip for Chimpanzee walk. Kibale forest consist s of 13 primate species the only National park to see many types of monkeys like; the wonderful Red Columbus, Grey cheeked mangabey, Black and white Columbus monkey, L’hoest monkey and Chimpanzees.Here you will be able to see our cousins and the trip takes 3-4 hours walk through the tropical rainforest with the experienced guide. After lunch you will embark on your return journey to Kampala hence calling it end of chimpanzee tracking experience.
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Our standard mode of transport is by road and we use 4×4 Safari Vans customized for game viewing and photography. Each safari van comes with a professionally trained driver guide and fuel for the whole safari. Our Safari vans have viewing hatches and each client is entitled to a window seat. Our Vans can take up to eight people. We also have 4×4 Super Customs very comfortable and stable on the road. These carry up to 5 people with their luggage. We also have 4×4 RAV 4 for a group of two people
We have luxury latest Land cruisers each driven by professionally trained driver guides and fuel. They have pop up roofs for proper game viewing and photography. They come with a small fridge for cooling your drinking water while on safari (which is always included while IN THE VEHICLE). They have inverters for charging small gadgets such as your smart phones and cameras. They can seat five to a maximum of seven people and each client is guaranteed of a window seat.

End of your tour!

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